Nestled in the glorious mountains of Monchique, the backdrop to the infamous Algarve coast of Southern Portugal, lies the sleepy Hobbit's Hut.

Sun soaked views stretch out as far as the eye can see by day and endless stars, planets and satellites fill the skies by night. The air is filled with the aroma of rich pine and gum, which is glided by the gentle valley breeze, and the sounds of distant farm animals from sunrise to sunset or the crickets, frogs and resident owl in the evenings.

An idlylic hideaway for Hobbit’s, Elves, Goblins and Fairies and the perfect location to be at one with mystical nature at the Shamanic Yoga Centre!

Join us at the place where fantasy, ancient Yoga Sutra's and Sharmanism join together. Find out how they, and we, like the dreamcatcher are all interwoven and share with us and experience for yourself the profound connection that this brings!  



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